On Friday, June 14th in the morning we went to Turin. Dad actually went to talk with someone about work and so while he was in there we all went to the Juventus Stadium. Alex (a Juventus fan) trotted around grinning while we took pictures. 

Stadium in Turin, Italy Stadium in Turin, Italy

After that we went into the town (we picked dad up first…. we contemplated leaving him but we didn’t want any axe murderers to get him. We had already bought his tickets after all! 😉 )

We first went into the National Museum of Cinema. (which didn’t allow you to take pictures. and quite honestly was only “eh”)

National Museum of Cinema in Turin, Italy

The outside, all we were able to take a picture of.

The duomo in Turin, Italy Duomo in Turin, Italy

The duomo where the Shroud is kept.

The Shroud of Turin in Turin, Italy

Where the Shroud is. The box above it was where the royal family would hear the mass. The Shroud is only actually on display once every blue moon. Usually it is covered.

Motorcycle in Turin, Italy

A cool shot of a motorcycle that Andrew got.

The bar that never closes in Turin, Italy

The famous bar of Turin that never closes.

The River Po, in Turin, Italy

The river Po.

Bull in the Piazza in Turin, Italy

It is a popular tradition to stand on the bull in one of the main Piazzas of Turin.

Juventus store in Turin, Italy

We somehow always seemed to end up at this street corner… Hmm… Is someone trying to hint something…?


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