Dicomano with Le Pera family!

On Sunday we got up very early and went to Mass on our way to The Le Pera family’s house. Mom and Dad first met Tommy and Erminio 32 years ago when they first moved to Italy-near Florence to be precise, weeks after getting married. We have remained friends with them throughout the years and we kids (they have two daughters, Eleonora and Gaia) have grown up together.

Driving up to Florence area

Our early morning faces.

Driving to Florence

The surrounding area

After a family dinner outside of Florence, Italy

One half of the table (the sweet one I have my arm around and the one Augustin is sitting on are Gaia and Eleonora. The rest are different friends)

After a family dinner outside of Florence, Italy

Other half of the table. Mom and Dad, Erminio and Tommy. 🙂


It was also the day of a big feast day in the little town they lived in so the church was decorated with flowers. What you see above is all flowers.

After a family dinner outside of Florence, Italy with some friends

Another cute shot of (from left to right) Mom, Dad, Erminio, and Tommy.


I would like to apologize for not having posted anything on this site in such a long time. Our internet has been non-existent for the past little bit, except for data on the smartphones. And wi-fi is necessary to upload photos. However, I am going to try and catch you up on what we did!



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