Madrid Day 2, Boys Leave

On the 20th we all packed up, the boys for London that evening, and us for Good Ol’ Charlotte the next morning. The boys left around lunchtime and then we spent the rest of the day in Madrid. Leaving Madrid

Leaving our apartment

Saying goodbye

Mom and Big Al saying goodbye

Saying goodbye

Mom and Dad on the escalator in the train station.

Saying goodbye

Andrew and Gus saying goodbye. Someone please explain to me why Gus tried to hug Andrew around his neck? Gus is a tiny peanut.

After leaving the boys we spent a little time in Madrid before we went to Pablo and Carolinas’ house.

Fernandito, the fat baby

Fernandito, the fat baby

Me and Fernando, their latest model. (Isn’t he CUTE!?!)

Pablito, a tiny wrecking ball

Pablito, a tiny wrecking ball

This little monster went through my purse and found some stuff to accessorize his pajamas. 🙂

Enjoying time with friends

Sitting around talking.

Pablito, a tiny wrecking ball, is all tired out

Poor Pablito was beat…

How to be princesses, taught by Isabela

Isabela was instructing me and their au pair on how we (princesses) were supposed to act. 🙂




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