First day in Madrid!

On the 18th we left Milan to go to Madrid. 

Arriving in Madrid, Spain

In the Madrid airport!

Walking around in Madrid

Walking into the center from our apartment.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Plaza Mayor! Here we met some friends and then they took us to get some hot chocolate, churros, and porras.

Churros and Porras in Madrid

Here they come! Look at how balanced the guy is!

Spanish Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate. This isn’t stuff you really drink. It is mostly to dip your churros in. Churros are plain small ones that are a little more airy. Porras are the bigger ones that are a little more chewy.

Spanish hot chocolate, churros, porras Spanish hot chocolate, churros, porras

Alex and Isabela sharing (Alex’s) chocolate. 🙂

How to travel with kids in Madrid!

Andrew and Pablito.

Almudena, Madrid

Almudena Cathedral

Almudena Cathedral

Almudena Cathedral inside.

Spanish Royal Palace, Madrid Spanish Royal Palace, Madrid

The Royal Palace

Spanish Royal Palace, Madrid

Another of the Royal Palace.


After leaving that area it was time for dinner so we went to the Ham Museum and ate mixed salami and of course, Ham with some super fresh, warm bread.

Museo del Jamon (ham museum) Madrid Spain Beer at the Ham museum (Museo del Jamon) Madrid Museo del Jamon, Ham museum, Madrid Spain







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