On the road again… To Pavia!

On the 13th the family departed for Pavia/Portalbera, which is right between Turin and Milan. On our way there we took a very leisurely and relaxing car trip. We took mostly scenic routes to enjoy the beautiful countryside. 

On the way to Pavia. at Lake Garda, Italy

Look at that eyebrow!!

Family at Lake Garda, Italy

Family photo… It’s wonderful for all of us to be in there. Again this is courtesy of Backpack. He is really an excellent photographer. 😉

Lake Garda

We drove for a nice while around this lake, Lake Garda.

Hitchhiking at Lake Garda

How Andrew gets around. Hitchhiking!

Lake Garda

Standing around looking at all the beauty around us.

Lake Garda

A lovely shot of the water.

Sailboats at Lake Garda

Boats and water…

Pulling off while driving around Lake Garda

Many times while we were driving we would see a pretty spot and pull off, like we did here.

Eating at Lake Garda

Or we would stop to eat lunch…

Fake Ferrari

Andrew wasn’t exactly thrilled with dad’s choice of cars. He would have preferred something a little more…red…more…HORSEY. So he altered our black Ford Fiesta.

Aperol Spritz and chips  

That evening we got some aperitivs from the grocery store and some potato chips to eat at home. (also, not pictured because I’m a flake, a coconut. I like coconut! ;))

McDonalds wifi Using McDonald's wifi

What happens when the house you’re staying in doesn’t have wi-fi… 😛

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