Party with neighbors

On May 31st the lady who lives below us (with Jakob) threw us a little bit of a going away party for us to see the neighbors and everything because we were leaving the Rome area that week. We had grilled fish, grilled meats, and grilled cheese (actual cheese, on the grill-not the sandwich). We also had some pizzas that they cooked in their outdoor oven. The night was finished off with a variety of desserts and a fruit torture device. 🙂

Mozzarella, fruit arrangement and bread

Food getting ready to be set out. She and I created that fruit thingy in the back and we were quite proud of it notwithstanding the fact that it almost took a nosedive for the floor and it looked like it might hurt the floor.

Cheeses to grill

Cheeses to be grilled, then eaten hot and stringy. Yum!

Bread with prosciutto and cheese in it. Bread with spinach and cheese in it.

A type of bread with spinach and cheese in some and prosciutto and cheese in others.

Italian party in the back yard

Everybody digging in and socializing.

Party in the yard

Same as above. 🙂

Checking the food on the grill

Checking the various meats and fishes for doneness. Alex, Andrew, Cristina, and another friend.

Eating and enjoying time with friends


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