St. Peter’s, Old Bridge, and Castel Sant’ Angelo

Yesterday we went to St. Peter’s (which was open only to some specific people to see the pope) When Andrew (who was ahead of the rest of us at that point) saw that St. Peter’s was closed he sent Alex a text saying “St. P’s is closed, Old Bridge?” to which Alex promptly called back and said “meet you there in about 5 minutes”. In our opinion Old Bridge is the best gelato shop in Rome. It is also conveniently located quite close to St. Peter’s.  

Mom and dad waiting for the train at Casal Bernocchi - Centro Giano St. Peter's, Rome, Italy Castel Sant Angelo, Rome, Italy Alex and Augustin in front of Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome, Italy

After that we went down to the Spanish steps area. The boys went to look at the Ferrari store, Mom and Dad went and rested a bit on the Spanish Steps, while I window-shopped along the Via dei Condotti which is home to stores such as Armani, Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton.

Via Dei Condotti, luxury shop street near the Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

Family-ish picture on the Spanish Steps.



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