First day in Rome!

We got in at roughly 9:00 a.m. local time (3:00 a.m. Charlotte Time). We had a friend of a friend pick us up in a tour bus and went to where we will be staying.

After getting settled in some of us went across the street to a bakery where we used to go almost every day when we lived here. They now are a small restaurant and also sell sweets. When we were here we got to become very good friends with the owner. We ordered some pizza and some mozzarella for an early lunch. 

Pizza Rome eating

Alex eating some pizza and relaxing a little.

Later that day we went on a small trip into Rome. we hit the cell phone store, then went to St. Mary Major and the Colosseum. 


Setting up the phones



St. Mary Major


Colosseum in Rome 

Colosseum in Rome


The Colosseum.


After we spent the day in Rome we went to our baker friend’s restaurant for dinner. We started off with a mixed cheese and cured meat platter starring Mozzarella di Bufala with some Rosemary Flatbread. 



Mozzarella di Bufala, mixed meats, prosciutto

Rosemary Flatbread




After that he brought us out some ricotta made fresh that day at a nearby store with some honey drizzled over top. Even those of us who weren’t big ricotta fans were converted.


Ricotta with Honey




The next thing we ate was Bucatini all’Amatriciana. This was such an incredible dish Alex was quite literally at a loss for words. 🙂




The meal was finished off by a sampling of bitters and some of their extensive bakery options.

Sampler basket of biscotti and other biscuits IMG_0399 IMG_0398 IMG_0404 IMG_0397

Dessert barPastries



And to finish the post off…. A picture of the family.




Also, for those of you coming to this area or if you live nearby, the restaurant/bakery is called Antchi Sapori and is located at Via Giuditta Rissone, 11/13, 00127, Roma, Italia.


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