Ostia Beach with the Family

Mom and Dad got back late last night, so today we all went as a family to the beach. It was very windy and rather chilly, so we didn’t do any swimming, just walking around. It was a very nice time just relaxing with the family.

But first. this is how we started our day… (you will probably see a lot of this little guy as he lives just below us)  


Teaching him bad manners…. Crazy boys!


Jakob taking a rest with Big Al.


On to the beach!

Ostia beach, Rome, Italy IMG_2394 Philly and Alex at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy

Me and Alex looking at something interesting. I can’t remember what.

Mom at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy

Mom enjoying the waves

Ostia beach, Rome, Italy IMG_2462

To be perfectly honest, this picture wasn’t SUPPOSED to look like this. Gus was digging in the sand…. Andrew saw a piece of wood….. I had a camera…. It just happened…. I am not sure Augustin actually knows we took this picture. We’re sneaky like that. 🙂

Andrew doing a handstand at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy

Andrew doing a handstand!

On the Rocks at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy


A cool picture of Alex. However, after I took that picture (I may have not warned him there was an enormous wave coming. I wanted a good picture…) His expression changed to….

Alex at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy

(actual picture, I continued snapping as he jumped down, his back soaking wet.)

Dad at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy

A nice picture of Dad.

kids at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy

The four kids. Unfortunately at this point our camera lenses were coated in water and salt.

Philly at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy

Me, no that is not a horn sprouting, that is a wild lock o’ hair!

Mom and Alex at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy 

Mom and Alex

The boys at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy

The three boys (again, wind, salt and mist made for a hard time capturing photos)

 Philly at Ostia beach, Rome, Italy

Me again.

The three boys also went across the street at some point during the day and have this gem to show for what they do in their free time! gelato



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  • Kelly McKinnon

    Hello. Could you please send a warm hello and a hug to your Mom from me, Mrs. McKinnon. Sure wish we could join you all there again!

    Mrs. Kelly McKinnon

  • Amy Graziano

    Howdy ya’ll! 🙂

    Looks like ya’ll are having a fun time! This blog is so cool! We all like looking at the pics! Nana particularly likes seeing all the pics and then explaining to us all sorts of different things about Italy, the food, etc.

    We are actually at the beach this week too! (Great minds think alike! haha) Ok, so what I want to know is who is the official photographer? The shots are really good!

    We miss ya’ll! Keep up with the pictures! We are really enjoying them!

  • Rica

    The baby is beautiful and so small. If I were there that is all I’d be doing too…It looks cool..so is it warming up at all? I’m half packed, but have room for more warm things..?/> ?