Piazza del Popolo and il Pincio

The kids are still going strong on their own! On Friday we walked around Piazza del Popolo and people watched there. Then we headed up to the Pincio which is a hill that lies to the north of the Quirinal and overlooks Campus Martius.  Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy Lion in Piazza del Popolo

Andrew sitting on one of the water shooting lions in the Piazza.


Il Pincio, Rome, Italy Il Pincio, Rome, Italy

The view from il Pincio.



Three boys fooling around on some little pillars/columns


IMG_0498  IMG_0492

How we arrived at the above picture of Alex, Andrew and Augustin standing.


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  • Jim Brady

    Great Job Guys, I see you are still eating your way thru Italy, and Now I hear you are in France. Hope you get to eat snails and eels, they are very good and the Horse meat isn’t bad either. Don’t have too much fun you may not want to come back.Love you all GP

  • A friend of mine in middle school used to balance himself on a table like the boys did in that first picture with the columns. I was so impressed back then. ;-D Question: are tourists actually allowed to climb on the fountains and such?

    • Philly

      I don’t think it is prohibited to sit on the fountains as long as you aren’t ruining them. But even if it were, I wouldn’t know because everyone does it. 🙂

  • Maureen

    The pictures of the poles and the boys are so funny! Thank you for posting them.