Kids on their own

Today Mom and Dad left early for Vienna. But the kids went in to Rome on their own and did a little site seeing. We went to the Colosseum, and its surrounding area, the Bocca della Verità, (the Mouth of Truth – Gus didn’t do so well there…. 🙂 ), and Trevi Fountain. We went to grab a kebab for lunch shortly afterwards and went to Old Bridge. Again. After that we headed to St. Peter’s to try and actually get in this time. We spent most of our time there, then we went home and ate.  

Colosseum, Rome, Italy Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italyin front of the Colosseum in Rome Italy IMG_0261 Bocca della Verita Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy Trevi Fountain Rome ItalyTrevi Fountain, Rome, ItalyOld Bridge GelatoGelato in RomeGelato in RomeSt. Peter's, Rome, ItalySt. Peter's in Rome, Italy


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  • Margaret Griggs

    Hey guys, Love all the pics, keep them coming. Miss you all so much can’t wait until you come back. Margo

  • I noticed the Colosseum has a plaque with a cross on it. What is the story behind that? By the way, I still don’t know what is so exciting about Vienna. I did see a note on your wall back here in the states, but I’m not sure if what I saw was the Big Secret, so I won’t tell.

    • Philly

      Pope Benedict XIV consecrated the Colosseum in 1750 to the Christians who died there and he put a plaque there dedicating it to all the martyrs who suffered and died there..

      About Vienna, I don’t think it’s a big secret, if fact I think Dad put something up on Facebook about it. But Mom and Dad went up there because they were lucky enough to get tickets to see their favorite Italian tenor (Vittorio Grigolo) sing their favorite opera (La Traviata). This is basically a second “honeymoon” for them that they were able to do because we are so much closer because we are already in Rome. Hope that helps explain. 🙂

  • Jim Brady

    Well I got on, will you get it.? Only the Good Lord knows. But if you can pull yourselves away from the Gallato and other goodies then you can acknowledge this. So good to hear from you guys, I missed talking to Little Rascal tho, maybe next time. Looks and sounds like you are having fun. so “have at it”. Hey big Al in one of the pictures you were eating ice cream and I noticed your cell laying in the sidewalk, aren’t you risking thievery.?? Have a great time talk to you soon Love you all. GP

    • Philly

      Hey Grandpop! Glad to see you managed to get it working. We are certainly having fun!! Love and miss you!